Reader’s Voice: Is Anyone Out There Worthy of Wearing Mr. Rogers’ Sweater?

Fred Rogers didn’t have any of the characteristics of an action hero. In fact, he was rather small-boned, quiet and thoughtful. Yet his style of leadership influenced a significant part of today’s young adults.

Civil Rights and the Blues: Where 2 Theatre Companies Found Their Voices

Inspired by the Federal Theatre Project and the Black Arts Movement, the New Lafayette Theatre and New Federal Theatre were hubs of both art and activism.

Theatre Without Walls: Free Southern Theater and New Heritage Theatre Group

One theatre staged shows on the front lines of the Civil Rights struggle in the South, while the other made a home for Black excellence in New York City.

Dr. Dorothy Marcic

The Death of a Nation

In the space of a few minutes a country had died. The sadness was overwhelming and I had to fight back tears.

Ethics after Socialism: Now or Ever?

Ethics and business don’t belong in the same sentence.  At least in the former socialist countries of Europe.  Why would you want to teach ethics to managers, who are compelled to lie, cheat and steal in order to survive in today’s economic situation? 

Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Management in a Post-Socialist Society

The decay of the work ethic under communism has resulted in a workforce used to tardiness, long coffee breaks, and leaving early on Fridays for the cottage. In addition, because of the “full employment”policy, there were often twice as many people needed.

Sex and the Single Armrest: Use of Personal Space During Air Travel

Studies using a questionnaire and direct observation were designed co explore the correlation between sex and territorial space on air­ planes. Results indicate that men, with or without control for size, had a much greater tendency to use the common armrest.