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With One Shot: Family Murder and a Search for Justice

by Dorothy Marcic

Paperback, Audiobook, Audio CD
Publisher: Citadel Press

Available From: Best Seller

This engrossing story of one woman’s quest for the truth will fascinate fans of Netflix’s Making a Murderer and other stories of justice gone wrong.Library Journal

The killer was behind bars – a woman who had confessed to the coldblooded murder of her husband. But Dorothy Marcic suspected a more sinister tale at the heart of her beloved uncle’s violent death. And nothing would stop her from getting to the truth.

Ever since she was a teenager, Dorothy Marcic was haunted by unresolved questions surrounding the killing of her beloved uncle. Though she led a she couldn’t put her doubts to rest – especially after the conniving Suzanne was released and began cutting a new swath of destructive behavior.

Review of With One Shot

Subtitled, “Family Murder and a Search for Justice,” this book is based on true events that occurred when writer, Dorothy Marcic, began uncovering her own family’s skeletons.

This is all about what happened when Marcic’s uncle was killed in cold blood, and how solving this mystery showed how flawed the justice system in America can be. Marcic took this on and tells readers how she worked for two years to find the truth behind this tragedy, and the steps she had to take to make things right.

Her uncle, former Detective LaVerne Stordock, lost his life in a horrible way, leaving his entire town more than a bit shocked by his death. It wasn’t as if the crime was just set aside or buried by the police. In fact, they were able to get a confession from Stordock’s widow, Suzanne. With the wife filing an insanity plea, it seemed as if the case was tied up. Trouble is, other data came about that did not exactly coincide with what Suzanne had confessed to.

The author not only offers up a very complete story that is a true thriller, with mystery, betrayal, and secrets being at the very core of what took place, but she also adds in family pictures, artist renderings and recreations of the crime scene, and more so that the reader can truly see every detail that came to light.

The love that Marcic has for her uncle and the mission she took on in order to finally let him rest in peace is what makes this book a heart-wrenching tale. Not only will it intrigue readers, but it will also make them want to pat Dorothy Marcic on the back and commend her for all her hard work.

— Mary Lignor, Professional Librarian and Co-Owner of The Write Companion for Suspense Magazine

Love Lift Me Higher: Meditations on Finding True Happiness

by Dorothy Marcic

Paperback: 2009
Publisher: George Ronald, Oxford
IBSN: 978-0-85398-539-6

Available From:

Love Lift Me Higher comprises stories, exercises and worksheets on different aspects of love and other virtues, all drawing on quotations from the scriptures, designed to touch hearts and give tools to solve daily problems with relationships, families, at work, and with the Creator.

Recent social science research indicates that 30 minutes a day spent reading or meditating about love can dramatically impact a person’s level of happiness and those effects can be seen within two weeks. Why not, then, read short quotations and stories daily, in order to be happier? What could be easier?

Love Lift Me Higher is published by George Ronald Publishers and is available directly from them and also from

RESPECT: Women and Popular Music

by Dorothy Marcic

Hardcover: March, 2002
Publisher: Texers
IBSN: 978-1587990830

Available From:

A fresh look at the women’s movement, through the eyes and ears of pop music, during the twentieth century. Here are the most popular female-sung songs, written by men and women, and the impact their words had.

RESPECT is filled with lyrics that resonate with everyone, including,  Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home , Debbie Reynolds singing Tammy, Tammy, Tammy’s in Love, The Shirelle’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Reminiscences by both men and women of what these songs meant will strike a chord with every reader. What song did you lose your virginity to? What song played the day you graduated? The day you quit your first job?

Dorothy Marcic connects the lyrics and reminiscences of these Top-40 songs sung by women, together with the course of the women’s movement, showing where the lyrics heralded changes in women’s status and showing us what hasn’t changed at all.

Understanding Management

by Richard L. Daft and Dorothy Marcic

Publisher: Cengage
IBSN: 978-1305502215
190 pages

Available From:

Based on Daft’s  Management, the all-time best-selling principles of management text, Understanding Management combines classic management concepts with emerging trends and issues in a concise, exciting, and student friendly format. In direct response to customer feedback, Dick Daft and Dorothy Marcic deliver a condensed yet comprehensive introduction to management text.

Managing with the Wisdom of Love

by Dorothy Marcic

Cloth: 1997
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
ISBN: 0-7879-0173-3
190 pages

Available From:

This book explores how the workplace might change if we acknowledge that spiritual values are as important in organizational operations as they are in the lives of those who work there.

Speaking directly to those managers who are “trying to figure out why their elaborately planned programs don’t work, why morale is low or trust is absent”, Marcic offers concrete evidence that breaking spiritual law, in business as elsewhere, elicits predictable results. Arguing that living by the Golden Rule will always bring prosperity and well-being (even in the turbulent business world) Managing With The Wisdom Of Love speaks directly to executives and managers about the ethical and spiritual principles that are indeed key to the long-term success of a company.

Then, the book goes one step further, with the presentation of a practical, step-by-step framework for operationalizing spirituality. Using checklists, charts, inventories, and questions, Marcic demonstrates exactly how to establish an organization program that brings enduring spiritual values to the world world.

Managing With The Wisdom Of Love should be required reading for anyone with managerial or supervisory responsibilities.

Bottom Line: A Tale of Greed, Arrogance, and Murder in Corporate America

by Dorothy Marcic

Third edition
Publisher: Harcourt College
Copyright 2001
ISBN: 0030293111
Some copies may still be found online.

An intriguing, contemporary business novel about murder, greed, and betrayal in the workplace. The heroine, Lenore, is the human resources director for Nelson Manufacturing, a small and well-run company that is suddenly taken over by a greedy and profit-driven conglomerate.

The novel shows the negative effects upon the workforce due to a few common practices of modern management, such as indiscriminate cuts in personnel and budgets, the treatment of workers, egotism at the top, and an unrelenting obsession with the quarterly profit picture.

Bottom Line synthesizes many true stores from a number of actual companies and is a morality tale of good versus evil in corporate America. It is a unique innovative addition to the case study approach of Understanding Management, Third Edition (Harcourt College Publishers, Copyright 2001).

Orgnizational Behavior

by Dorothy Marcic, Peter B. Vaill, and Joe Seltze

6th Edition, July 2000
Paperback, 400 pages
Publisher: South-Western College Publishing
IBSN: 0324048505

Available From:

Organizational Behavior is a compilation of 67 engaging, flexible, and tested exercises for active learning of organizational behavior. Exercises range from the simple to the complex, and can be implemented as individual or group activities.

Self-inventories, role-plays, and case studies provide a diversity of experiences.

A section of 11 short readings serves as an anchor to students new to experiential methods, group processes, and case analysis.

Look at Me! A Book of Occupations

by Dorothy Marcic

1st Edition, 1986
Publisher: Western Publishing Co.
ISBN-10: 0307152103
ISBN-13: 978-0307152107

Available From:

The reader can pretend to be a bus driver, forest ranger, teacher, pilot, sailor, and farmer by looking through die-cut windows and opening lift-the-flap doors.

Look at My Farm!

by Dorothy Marcic

Publisher: Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A.: Golden Pr

Available From:

A young child describes the barn, milk house, chicken coop, corn field, and treehouse on his parents’ farm.


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