Ethics after Socialism: Now or Ever?

Ethics and business don’t belong in the same sentence.  At least in the former socialist countries of Europe.  Why would you want to teach ethics to managers, who are compelled to lie, cheat and steal in order to survive in today’s economic situation? 

Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Management in a Post-Socialist Society

The decay of the work ethic under communism has resulted in a workforce used to tardiness, long coffee breaks, and leaving early on Fridays for the cottage. In addition, because of the “full employment”policy, there were often twice as many people needed.

The Exceptional Executive

I wondered if I should mention to her she ought to lose those pounds she’s added recently. HR will just give me that sob story about how she’s going through hard times since her husband died.  Or was it her husband and her son? Some car accident.  Or maybe mountain climbing. But why is that MY problem?

White Collar Wolfe Sonnet

He stands on goals and does not waver / Ordering layoffs without disdain / Never caring results bring pain / Only gloating at profits to savor.