Delineating Entrepreneur Styles:
Application of Adaption-Innovation Subscales¹

Bob Rosenfeld, Michael Winger-Bearskin
Dorothy Marcic and Charles Braun

Originally published in 1992


The paper discusses Adaption-Innovation (A-I) Theory and its measure, the KAI,  as one means to study individual roles in the creative process.   For a fuller understanding of the theory, subscale data is divided into “zones” within each subscale.   Earlier work in A-I theory focused on Kirton’s KAI instrument and its total score, often overlooking or downplaying the significance of the three subscales.  Results here show entrepreneuers to have unique mix of scores on the three subscales, with Rule Conformity being a moderating variable for Originality.  Arguments are made for conducting more research on the subscales, based on the evidence in this study.  Much of what was found in the analysis would not have been as relevant with total KAI and no subscale data.

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