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Dr. Marcic’s online courses are designed to help managers learn skills to become more effective leaders, developing strengths to enhance relationships and productivity, and to become a more successful managers.

Dr. Dorothy Marcic has been a professor of management for over 25 years. While currently teaching at Columbia University, she was previously at Vanderbilt University, the University of Wisconsin, and Arizona State University. She was a Fulbright Scholar, teaching MBA students and undergraduate business students at the University of Economics-Prague, in the Czech Republic. She has a doctorate and three masters degrees.

There are currently three online courses available:

Body Language Intelligence for Business Communication

Features Essential Leadership and Management Skills for Confidence, Self-Esteem and Empathy

Dr. Dorothy Marcic, Columbia University
1 total hour-16 lectures-all levels

Being successful in the business world requires excellent communication skills. One of the most common reason executives are derailed is because they don’t have people/communication skills. Because 93% of interpersonal communication is NON-verbal, this course will help you learn to use non-verbals to create the best first impression, which includes showing confidence, dressing appropriately, giving a strong handshake, good eye contact, asking questions and thoughtfully listening to what they say. You’ll also learn to shine in job interviews, to become more likable, to give engaging presentations, by paying attention to your voice, posture, gestures, and facial expressions. And you’ll become better in reading body language, so you can be more empathetic to co-workers, employees, and your boss. What does it mean when someone crosses their arms, when they purse their lips, when they have arms akimbo? How does body language establish territoriality in the office? In what ways can you become less defensive, which pushes people away, and more open, which welcomes others and creates collegiality. The course has 11 lectures, quizzes and exercises to help you learn the material. It is recommended you take the course with the study group at work and share your insights, practice new skills, and give each other feedback.

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The Ultimate Management and Leadership Skills Course

Features Communication, Change Management, Personality Strength Development, Team Development

Dr. Dorothy Marcic, Columbia University
7 total hours, 66 lectures, all levels

Many new managers are surprised at how challenging it is to be a good manager, so if you want to improve your skills, take this course.

One of the biggest challenges of managers is interpersonal interactions with your employees, your co-workers and your boss. Studies have shown the most common reason managers get derailed is they lack solid interpersonal skills. This course is based on your continually learning more about yourself, through self-reflection, and then how to perform more successfully as a manager. If you do not have the ability to self-reflect, then you become a prisoner of your impulses, always reacting. Here you will learn to respond thoughtfully and intentionally, rather than always merely reacting.

The course is divided into 9 sections in three main areas: 1) Learning your strengths and managing yourself to get things done; 2) Managing your team for high performance; and 3) Managing processes and implementing your values. All of these are necessary to become a high-functioning manager. Each lecture discusses various SKILLS needed to be a good manager, and gives ample examples.

After each course section, three resources are available:

  1. A multiple-choice test will be given, and it is designed to help you remember what you learned. Therefore, these tests are a learning tool.
  2. A series of professionally-produced management videos, Coffee & Crullers (written by Dr. Marcic), illustrating challenges for the manager of a coffee shop/bakery chain.
  3. Learning exercises and instruments.

This Management Skills course has a total of 22 of these learning exercises and assignments, designed to help you apply the principles you’ve heard in the lectures. The instructor is the author of several books on teaching management through experiential learning and she has used these principles in developing the exercises and assignments. The purpose of these exercises and assignments is not only learning how to be a manager, but to facilitate the habit of learning how to keep learning.

In addition, the course is designed for you to learn through a study group and a coach, both of which will add enormous power to the learning from this course. If you want to get the most out of this experience, organize a study group and recruit a coach.

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Women Succeeding in Management and Leadership

Thrive as a woman with management skills success

Dr. Dorothy Marcic, Columbia University
2.5 total hours, 53 lectures, beginner

Women have unique strengths and difficult challenges as females in management, and we live in a time with unprecedented focus on women in leadership. There has never been a time when so many companies and governments are working to help women advance. According to McKinsey, 75% of companies have at least adopted principles of gender equality, while almost 30 percent are actually implementing programs to make sure women advance.  The EU passed legislation requiring all corporate boards to have at least 40% females. However, we are far from our goals. Even though countless studies show woman are stronger in emotional intelligence, relationship-building, time management, and more, there are still only 2.6% female CEO’s worldwide. And that’s with evidence that more women in management yields higher profits for companies.

This course twill teach you how to identify your strengths as a leader, address your killer constraints and not self-sabotage, communicate and listen more effectively, know how to handle difficult conversations, understand the female ambition penalty and likability paradox, manage your boss, develop a cohesive and productive work team, increase your confidence and likability, think more strategically, deal with sexual harassment and micro-aggressions, achieve work-life balance, explore career strategies, and network your way to success.

Dr. Dorothy Marcic is a professor at Columbia University in New York City and has been writing about and teaching seminars on Women in Management for decades.

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